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Are you a business owner or dream of becoming one? 

Listen in as your host Mike Steward interviews business owners and executives as they tell us their story. Each episode will be focused on sharing stories of startups, trends in hot industries, thought-provoking ideas on how to get into business, how some founders made it past the 10 year mark (only achieved by 10% of small businesses), funny stories and more.

This podcast is here to help small and mid-size business owners hear stories and situations from others who have survived the lonely world of entrepreneurship.

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Would you like to be a guest? Apply Here. We are always interested in talking with business owners about their journey.

Interview with Harold Crye | Crye Leike Real Estate since 1977

Harold Crye and Mike Steward have a discussion about entrepreneurship and what it takes to successfully grow a company through being intentional with your actions. Mr. Crye’s real estate firm has over 135 locations and is ranked as the 3rd largest independent real estate firm. This is a true classic interview of the evolution of a legacy company.

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Erin McCullough and Mike Steward Keeping Anxiety Down

Listen in as Mike Steward interviews Erin McCullough about how she helps her coaching clients deal with anxiety. Let’s face it owning a business can be tough at times. It’s easy to lose focus on why you started it to begin with. These tips for reframing your outlook can be life changing if you simply practice.

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Matt Smithson and Mike Steward | Asking Why

Listen in as Mike Steward and Matt Smithson talk business. Matt is founder of The Smithson Group, a consulting firm and involved in a new real estate task management company he launched in July – Taskativity. During the interview, Matt provides some great perspective and insights on a new approach to looking within your company and getting back to the reason it exists – profit. Mike and Matt talk about mediation, family, and how to prevalidate a new business venture.

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Rob Toomey Helps Us Understand Virtual Assistants and Fractional Workers

Rob Toomey is co-owner of Efficient Aide. Join in as Mike Steward and Rob have a discussion about how a virtual assistant can offer business owners more time to focus on key dollar-producing activities within their business. Rob and Mike talk about business growth, health, and staying organized.