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There are plenty of rules of thumb out there. A business is worth a certain amount times the last six months of sales, or worth a certain amount times the projected sales, or numerous other factors. The reality is that valuing a business is an individual process that takes more than just simple math. Our business brokers and advisors in Pensacola bring knowledge and experience to the art of valuing your business so that you know exactly what your business is worth.

Once you know your company’s true value, we can help with an out-of-the-box marketing strategy. As a business owner who may be considering selling their company, it’s important to recognize the potential value that can be gained through improving productivity. By identifying and implementing these changes before the sale, you can showcase to potential buyers the untapped potential for growth and profitability, making your business even more attractive and valuable in the marketplace.. When you are ready to sell your business in Pensacola will bring the valuation you are looking for, we will take it from there. We’ll market your business to Pensacola and beyond to sell your company for the highest amount of money in the least amount of time.

Since 2008, our business brokerage firm serves Pensacola and has helped business owners sell their businesses for the highest possible amount in the quickest amount of time. Vision Fox is a member of the International Business Broker Association. Contact us now and schedule your call to learn more about how our business advisors can assist you in meeting your goals.

In addition to helping, you determine the value of your business, we are well qualified to design a marketing plan that limits any exposure to customers and employees. We take care of working with all buyer prospects and ultimately help you get your business sold for the highest amount of money in the shortest amount of time.

Our top business valuation and consulting firm is a member of the International Business Broker Association and has been helping business owners discreetly sell their businesses since 2008.

corrective and preventative action coaching (CAPA)

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With more than 15 years of experience and training, our business coaching in Pensacola, FL has distilled the complex and vast world of executive coaching into just four main facets: Clear Goals, Action Plans, Prioritized Actions, and Accountability, or C.A.P.A. as we like to call it. By recognizing the need for significant improvements and coaching, business owners in Pensacola are setting themselves up for success by seeking out coaching that can deliver real and measurable results. While it may take more effort to find the right coach and strategies, the payoff of substantial growth and progress for their business makes it all worthwhile. Our focus helps ensure that our clients and our professionals focus on the areas where we can generate maximum value. First, we listen until we understand your goals clearly. Then, we develop action plans together in order to prioritize actions that will make a real difference. Finally, accountability means we listen again to find out what did and didn’t work. 
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Our clients are business owners who know that knowledge is power. We bring valuable information to business owners looking to improve their growth, protect their current position, increase customer satisfaction, increase worker productivity, and maximize their Pensacola company’s valuation. In other words, business owners looking to get more out of their business are our clients.

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Statistically we know that it takes 8 months on average for a business to sell once it is listed. This really depends on several factors. Contact our team today to learn what influences this number.

Our coaching program helps you establish long term, mid range and short term goals. Most of our coaching clients are looking for help with Time, Team or Money. A Business Coach offers you a place to work on your business as you seek growth and increase the value of your business.

Most of our clients prefer that the sell of their business is kept confidential up until the day it is sold. When listing your business for sale we are very general about the location and industry specifics until a non disclosure agreement is signed by a vetted buyer prospect.

Vision Fox Business Advisors is a team of business brokers and business coaches that understand business. We have personally bought, sold created and grown business for ourselves and others.  

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