Dream | Plan | Do
A Group Coaching Series by Mike Steward

Those Big Dreams Are In There And You Know It! 

You just need a bit of a helping hand and maybe additional accountability to take that first step… or maybe just one more try with a clearer head (right?).

Are you looking to re-spark your dreams in a big way and get past all the clutter? Maybe you don’t know where to start or which step to take first, and it’s so overwhelming that you’re worried that your dreams are beginning to fade away? 2020 is almost over and there is still time to gain a better mindset.

Maybe you’re tired of all the negativity invading your positive thoughts. There is plenty of negativity in the world right now. If you’re like many others… COVID, politics and stuff may have taken you a “bit” off track.

Join me in a positive community of 10 this November. During this live 5 week group coaching event we will work together on resparking buried dreams and build a plan that will help you take back those BIG DREAMS and put them into play in a very meaningful way. You will gain CLARITY on that 1 DREAM and leave with a PLAN and a new reality along with a community of support over our 5 weeks together.

Do Not Sign Up if This is You:

  • You are 130% Satisfied with your current direction in life.
  • You have zero interest in contributing to a solid community of 10 awesome people.
  • You’re unwilling to better yourself.
  • Laughing is painful. You simply don’t like to be happy.
  • You believe aliens will be here prior to November 10th so there is no reason to sign up.

If This is YOU  – Be one of the 10 to sign up:

  • You remember dreaming of a life that is different then your current situation.
  • Being part of a positive upbeat community appeals to you – Big time!
  • Over the next 5 weeks you can invest some time into clarifying a goal, putting an immediate plan in place and acting on it – with support from 10 others.
  • You want to choose your path, regardless of circumstances.

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