Our Coaching Model

Our Coaching Approach

Hiring a coach is a big deal! It can truly be life changing for many people. Many professionals and business owners are able to go a long way on their own; however, we can all get a bit stuck. Sometimes our business may begin to outgrow our original skillset or even exceed our original goals. Other times, we may be having a hard time meeting our goals in the time frame we expected. Hiring a coach is a great way to outsource talent, gain new perspectives and quickly have an expert available to help you find balance and grow personally and professionally.

I find the best way to describe what a coach does is to first describe the reasons that you may decide to hire a business coach:

  • Your business is stuck. Maybe you feel like you have hit a wall and the P&L reports just seem to not improve.
  • You feel stuck in a career. Maybe you have changes, the industry has changed or you feel like it could be time to consider alternatives.
  • You started a business based on a void in the market or a passion. Now you’re deep into the business and feel stuck. Maybe you skipped a few steps – like developing a unique selling proposition or a strategic business plan.
  • You have an exciting new startup and could use some help in building a team and making sense of a budget.
  • You are a solo entrepreneur. You feel lonely and wonder what to do next as you reorganize your desk – for the third time today.
  • You have owned your business for 10 plus years and now you’re considering selling it. You’re wondering how to value the business and what you can do to increase the value. You might be wondering how to sell it, when to sell it and maybe even what to do next.

A coach’s role is not to always bring the answers to your problems, but to help you find clarity in what your goals are and ways to get there. Every coach may have a slightly different approach to helping you get there and helping you grow. For me, I have a diverse business background. I have started businesses, sold businesses, helped others grow businesses and implemented turn key franchise systems. I also am human. I have faced, and will continue to face, many of your same challenges . I have a family, hobbies, goals and interests….hopefully just like you.

When I’m working with a 1-on-1 coaching client, I sometimes wear the Life Coach hat or the Business Coach hat, and sometimes I wear the Business Consultant hat. This really depends on your goals and how you like to work. During our 1 hour weekly coaching sessions, we may work on the “21 Silver Bullets” that help all businesses, our “5 Steps to Freedom” program or our “ValueBuilder” and “Exit Planning” programs. These are just a few tools that we would use to help you gain more control back in your life and business, while making your business more valuable, setting personal goals and providing accountability to improve on a weekly basis.