Our Value Builder Coaching program starts with a free no obligation business evaluation and overview call. This evaluation begins once you to take our 13 minute online assessment.  The assessment will score your business in 8 key areas.  Month one will began to create goals and monthly accountability dates. Building a 12 month plan that will enable you to not only increase the value of your business but crate additional stability for long term growth.

During the first 6 sessions we will work on the follow areas:

  • Your Value Builder Score
  • The Scalability Finder
  • The Customer Score
  • Your Growth Quad
  • The Automatic Customer Builder
  • The Monopoly Control

During Months 7 – 12 we will work on the following areas:

  • The Hub & Spoke
  • The Switzerland Structure
  • The Customer Score
  • The Valuation Totter
  • Your Short List Builder
  • Your Envelope Test
Business Coaching 6 months
Business Coaching 12 months