Franchise Group Coaching and Franchisee Development

Using our Vision Fox online portal, there will be a 1 on 1 planning session with each owner. During this session owners will be introduced to our goal planning tools. We begin by establishing annual goals, monthly goals, and a strategic plan. Although this is a important part of the framework it is just one of several components we will use on a monthly basis.

Each franchisee will be provided with an up to date business valuation and will receive a Vision Fox Value Builder Score. This score will be one of our benchmarks throughout the program. Each owner will log into our portal and complete a 15-minute business assessment that is used to evaluate the business value and a score on 8 key business drivers. This score will be reevaluated quarterly as we progress through the program.

Our coaching groups are broken into groups of 8 to 10 franchisees. We will have a standing monthly 90-minute video meeting. Roll call and attendance will be shared with corporate. Each month we will work on a new key business drivers that will help owners see growth and stability. Each owner will have access to our Vision Portal with their annual and monthly goals we established and space to add action items during our meeting. Each month we start off with each person sharing something good that has happened since our last meeting. Each month we end our call with each person stating what they liked best about our meeting.These monthly calls provide team building, business growth, motivation, a deeper connection with the brand and accountability to their annual and monthly goals.

Each month all members will have a standing appointment for a 30 minute incoming check in call. This call will be brief and high energy. It is important that they begin to look forward to this call and strive to have action items already completed. We will touch on a few of the owners action items for the month and encourage completion prior to our next group meeting. If they are having roadblocks we will discuss how to overcome these.

Each month I will have a scheduled video meeting with your leadership team. The purpose of these meetings will be to update leadership on the pulse of the group meetings and stay up to speed with corporate direction. This is a great opportunity to hear how your franchisees are doing!

Each quarter we will be able to review progress on business development and key performance indicators. This will be reviewed every three months during our group calls and leadership calls.

This closed Facebook Group allows all groups to continue the monthly coaching conversations and ask questions. It can be monitored by corporate staff as well as Vision Fox. This allows each of the groups a place to discuss obstacles and solutions related to each of our monthly calls.

Included in the monthly engagement fee is 2 corporate visits per year. This is designed for annual planning meetings and/or annual sales meetings. This is included in our monthly fee with the exception of travel and accommodations.

Our program allows franchisees a clear picture and understanding of the value of their business. They will not only be working on growing their profitability but increasing the value of their business through the eyes of a buyer. This component of the program helps assure the franchisors that their franchisees get better offers when it’s time to exit.

The Fox Den Coaching and Development Program Provides:

  • Goal Planning Specific to Each Franchisees Growth Objective

  • Business Valuations and Salability Scores

  • Monthly Group Coaching

  • Monthly 1 on 1 Accountability Calls

  • Monthly Leadership Meetings with Franchisor

  • Quarterly Benchmarks of Success

  • Fox Den Online Coaching Club

  • Corporate In Person Visits Twice a Year

  • Franchisee Exit Planning and Long Term Strategic Planning 

Vision Fox Business Advisors is uniquely equipped to fill a void in the marketplace of business development services specifically for franchises. Our program creates a compounding growth effect for both franchisee and franchisor.

Outsourcing this role and creating a partnership with Vision Fox Business Advisors can create a new internal synergy allowing for massive growth in addition to a creating a system for recruitment and retention within your franchise system.

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